“I don’t know where to start. Angel was absolutely amazing. My dream wedding wouldn’t have happened without her. She was professional, energetic, and I had a blast working with her. From the very beginning of planning to the very end, she was always there with great advice. Angel understood my busy schedule and made the wedding planning process easy. I thought I was organized, but Angel was on top of everything! I don’t know how anyone plans a wedding without a coordinator. I was not stressed at all because I knew Angel had everything under control and every detail covered. My mom was so worried I would not be able to enjoy my own wedding day (since I’m such a control freak) but was thrilled to see that I put all my trust in Angel and everything went off without a hitch! Thank you for making my wedding a day I will never forget.” – Marian Vasilikos

“Our wedding day was a dream come true!  I don’t know what I would have done without Angel.  Her attention to detail is what made everything about the day so perfect.  My husband and I were able to enjoy celebrating with our guests without having to worry about any of the logistics.  Thank you Angel, you are an amazing event planner with the patience of a saint!” – N. Huyser

“I know that we were all in motion when you had to go on Sunday but I just wanted to say how incredibly beautiful and graceful it all was because of you. There’s no way for me to adequately express my thanks. I hope you’ve had a break of some kind. The final push for Sunday was quite a bit in my view. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so lucky that George, in his crazy wisdom, connected us.” – Jeff Harlan, Director of Dream Flags Project.

“Angel planned a marvelous party for us & our guests.  It was a unique event that went perfectly.  She thought of every detail & managed the party so I had only to enjoy our guests.” – Deb Castellucci

“I hired Angel as the Director of Event Planning for the (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018) Angel Venture Fair and she did an outstanding job.  Angel is smart, well organized, and my entrepreneurs thought she was great. Angel has terrific communication skills.” – Marc Kramer

“Angelique is my event planning angel.” – Kim

“I can not begin to tell you how much we appreciate all you did for us on September 9th. You were wonderful. Anyone who tries to be all things to all people on their daughter’s wedding day or their own wedding day should have their head examined. You were all things to everyone, especially to me as I was more than stressed over our slow shuttle ride. I was so grateful to have you to contact to let everyone know we were on our way, but also to keep me calm. I can not believe how stressed I became. If I didn’t have you to text I would have really been sick!
Thank you for all you did on Saturday, all with a smile on your face. You made our special day even more special.
I hope we will have the opportunity to work with you again some day but in the meantime, I am telling everyone I know with an upcoming wedding that they need an Angel like you.
Gratefully” – Mary

“Where do I begin to thank you? Everything was so well managed and maintained. I will always remember what a wonderful party I had for my 50th Birthday.  Most in part due to your diligence and friendship.” – Dr. M. Tirone