My pledge to my clients is — Your Event…the Way YOU Want It.™

Experience is knowledge, so hiring an expert like Angelique Padulo and her team is essential to the success of your event.

Angelique’s years of strategically planning extraordinary events (corporate, non-profit, weddings, milestone birthdays, engagement, holiday parties, etc.), designing, and creating the perfect celebration is the sort of activity that comes naturally to her because she loves it! Her attention to detail and truly listening to her clients needs is why she consistently provides outstanding service.

Angelique’s level of expertise and discretion are greatly valued by high-profile clients and Fortune 500 companies. In her earlier career days she was a leader in Sales & Marketing in the Pharmaceutical industry and received the highest achievement awards for her accomplishments. Angelique’s passion for the arts (especially music and painting) began in her early childhood. She persisted in learning and developing her skills/talents and has become a master event designer. She listens to her clients wishes and makes them a reality. Angelique lived and worked abroad, speaks several languages and has a passion for travel.  She is a world-class event planner and always welcomes the opportunity of working with clients globally.


Director of Naps/Snuggle MasterBenjamin Franklin Padulo

Benjamin provides unconditional love and lots of doggy kisses – but really they’re licks. His name is quite fitting, because he was born on the 4th of July in Philadelphia, of course. Planning events is never stressful when Benjamin is around.